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We specialize in salon website design that ensures your salon will:

  • Receive Hundreds of new full paying customers to your salon
  • Low costs as we specialize in the salon and beauty industry
  • Increase salon profit by over 35%
  • Be the chosen salon in your suburb and beat your completion over and over again

When your salon ranks on the first page of Google you can expect:

  • Our Salon Websites Generate $187,200 in services Per Year for a small suburban salon!
  • We generate new clients to the salon for as little as $6
  • Guaranteed results. If we don’t rank your salon, you DON’T PAY

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How many people search for salon services in your area.

What we can do for you?
We don’t just take an idea and develop it, we push each idea further to collaborate and work closely with our clients to build the best piece possible

Email MarketingReview Buffer
Business in the last 5 years has changed so rapidly, particulary with the increase in smart phones. Almost 70% of Australian’s now have a smartphone. This means they have instant access to an…
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We take the pain out of e-commerce. There is big money waiting for you and we help make it happen. AND we have made it SUPER affordable with easy monthly payments and no contracts
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Search Engine MarketingSearch Engine Marketing
Stage 1 of online marketing is to build a website. However just as important is to make sure the website is visible to search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing to make your website on first page
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Web DesignWeb Design
My Salon stores builds websites for hair and beauty salons ONLY. This is because we too are from a salon back ground. We understand how to market a salon and why every salon needs a website in today’s world
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We build your salon website FAST!

We make it effective and we guarantee results. We know your industry and we are the best at what we do.

Website Text

Struggling with what to write? We can draft all your content and take the stress out of building your website.

Keyword Analysis

Want to dominate your competitors? We will provide you with a report on how many people search for your salon services in your area and how your competitors are performing.

Social Media Links Inserted

Social Media is the best way to stay in contact with your salon fans. We insert all you social mdeia links.

Mobile Phone Responsive Website

Today more than 60% of people are searching the internet via mobile. If your website is not mobile ready you wont be seen. Every website we build is mobile READY!

Why use a web designer for your salon?

  • We have been doing web design for many, many years. We know what it takes to build an effective website, how to generate lots of new customer to that website and then how to convert them into new salon customers.
  • We guarantee results. If we don’t rank your salon for salon service keywords like hair extensions, hair dressers, waxing beauticians etc etc YOU DON’T PAY.
  • Our Salon Websites Generate $187,200 in services Per Year for a small suburban salon!
  • Don’t try it yourself, be the best at what you do.
  • Don’t give your job to just any web designers, trust the industry experts that know your business!

If we don’t rank you on page 1 of Google then YOU DON’T PAY! That’s our guarantee to every salon. Because we are leaders in our industry!

At My Salon Stores we conduct a full analysis of what people are searching for in your area, what your competitors are doing and how we can beat them.

What our clients say?
Our clients have seen an increase in over 34% in revenue due to to their website and online marketing. No wonder they are smiling!

katya naked and beautifulKatya
Your work for our website is actually amazing. So much good feedback. Even just random comments people have said about how nice it is, how professional it looks, easy to navigate etc. I also had a quick look over the stats on new clients from last month…
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The biggest thank you to My Salon Store for the amazing work on our new website for Schmink Beauty House! I was in tears when I had a look at the fantastic work you did for us and the best news that we appeared on Google Search for hair and…
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My Salon Stores helped Monami Boutique get to over 60-70 new clients from Google every month.We tried local paper and letter drops but it was all a waste of time and money. Nothing came close to how incredible Google was…
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Hi guys thank you so much for all your support and dedication. I have only had the salon for a few months and wasn’t really sure going online was the way to go BUT WOW!!!!!! New customers are calling every day. I feel really blessed to have you…
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Our Clients

  • Naked and Beautiful
  • Schmink Beauty House
  • Tony Nachar Salon
  • Cartihair
  • Qube Hair and Beauty
  • Skinfit Body and Beauty
  • Nicole Hudson
  • Me Skin and Beauty
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